Real Estate Finance

The firm is extensively involved in conventional and governmental assisted and insured commercial and mixed use real estate projects, health care finance, and residential real estate finance. Its clients are nationally based and include institutional investors, mortgage and investment bankers, national banks, municipal bond insurers, developers and contractors, health care sponsors, public authorities, syndicators, trade associations, nonprofit corporations and housing condominiums and cooperatives. It also counsels borrowers and lenders engaged in administrative and disciplinary proceedings before federal and local regulatory bodies.

The firm serves as counsel for all aspects of these activities, including the acquisition, sale, and development of real estate projects; the structuring and closing of related financial transactions; secondary market transactions involving Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and other private investors; private securitization and mortgage investment vehicles including mortgage conduit programs; issuance of tax-exempt revenue bonds; loan refinancings and restructurings; work-outs including related bankruptcy matters; and commercial business ventures.

Krooth & Altman represents many “top ten” and pre-eminent nationally based Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA banking firms, and routinely advises clients with respect to related procedures and policies in the normal course of business as well as for “troubled” projects, including mortgage assignments and the development of workout programs with FHA, mortgagees, investors and borrowers for both taxable and tax exempt debt.