We Are Krooth & Altman

Celebrating Over 75 Years

Of Trusted Expertise

In 1947, our founding partners, David Krooth and Norman Altman, formed Krooth & Altman LLP as one of the first law firms in the country specializing in legal services relating to the then newly-enacted federal programs for supporting housing nationwide. Over the ensuing years we have grown and adapted to the changing real estate finance landscape, often leading those changes. The vision of the firm has always been to foster a collaborative working environment so that a client is not just getting the benefit of the attorney that is actually working on their transaction, but leveraging the full resources and knowledge of all of our professionals. We fully recognize the twin mission of a good lender’s counsel in both being action oriented to close the transaction as well as being contemplative to ensure all programmatic requirements are satisfied and our client’s interests are protected. Our clients include a wide array of prominent national lenders in real estate and mortgage finance activities. Today we maintain our historic focus, and we are proud to continue to be one of the top firms in our field nationwide.  In addition to our over 75 years of institutional experience, many of our individual attorneys and professional staff have decades of experience in legal matters related to all aspects of real estate finance and development. Over the years, we have developed and applied expertise for the benefit of our clients in a wide range of real estate related fields, but with a special focus on multifamily housing and healthcare financing, inclusive of various asset classes and special product features such as affordable housing, taxable and tax-exempt financings, student housing, manufactured housing, skilled care facilities, and DST transactions. In addition, we have assisted clients in all matters related to the servicing and asset management of such loans. Many of the attorneys in our firm are well recognized as industry leaders and experts. Krooth & Altman LLP – Experience Counts.